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Top attributes a driving instructor should have

Are you intending to get your driving license by passing the required tests with flying colors? The majority of the people believe that enrolling in a top driving school is the solution. Although enrolling in a top driving school is a good idea, it is not the only criterion to consider. Having an experienced driving instructor is of great importance. Nowadays, it is never easy to find a reliable driving instructor among several persons who claim to be qualified driving instructors. Thus, there is a need to check the qualities of a driving instructor to avoid making costly mistakes.

t2gw3ef6hwed8fi22Other than making you aware of rules and techniques of driving, they also offer you the much-needed support throughout the course. In this way, you can learn quite quickly. Although it is not possible to find a driving instructor who does not have all needed qualities, at least you can find one who is reliable. In this post, we will share some vital factors to consider before enrolling in a driving school. The following are some qualities your driving instructor should have.

Qualities of a driving instructor


Since you are a beginner, you are likely to have a lot of questions. Unfortunately, you cannot know certain rules if you do not get answers to your questions. Thus, you should get an instructor who is eager to listen to your questions and respond to them appropriately. In this way, it will be quite easy to learn new aspects with sheer confidence.


Most students believe that they are the ones who should be punctual at a given driving location. The truth is that as a learner you will feel motivated when your instructor arrives at the venue in time. Thus, you need a driving instructor who is punctual.


tg23erdfjhe8f2k222Having an experienced driving instructor is a huge benefit to you. Some drivers can have great driving skills. However, this does not necessarily mean they are competent instructors. Experience in teaching makes an instructor know the right skills to impart. Moreover, having expertise enables instructors to assess your driving challenges and guide you accordingly.


Lack of adequate confidence is quite reasonable. Another weakness most students have is nervousness. During your first days, you are likely to be nervous. In such a case, an experienced driving instructor will encourage you not to lose your confidence. Remember that you will not learn everything from the instructor.

Top reasons to purchase a used car

Whether you are purchasing your first car or you are a seasoned veteran, you need to make a difficult decision whether to purchase a pre-owned car or a new one. As you know, new vehicles have latest tech features, style, low insurance rates, and the much-loved new vehicle smell. However, are they the best choice for a limited budget? We will share some vital reasons to buy a used car.

Why purchase a used car

Less expensive

tg2w3ef6vhwedf78u22This is quite obvious. Purchasing a used car is less expensive as compared to buying the same model of a new car. After purchasing a new car and drive it for a few miles, it is no longer new. In fact, its value drops drastically. After just three years of use, your car is going to be worth 50% less. Doesn’t that hurt?

The truth is that an average price of a used vehicle is far less than of a new vehicle model. This is not the only area of savings. Ideally, you will pay less tax on a used car. Moreover, it is quite affordable to ensure the car. It is necessary to take into account the mileage of the vehicle and the remaining warranty. This is because they will have a serious impact on maintenance costs.

Financing terms and rates

As a result of long-term, low financing rates provided by manufacturers, available dealers can give you attractive monthly installments on new cars. However, do not forget to do your calculations. Even low rates can significantly add up over a 10-year financing term.

Nowadays, most banks provide low interest rates for used cars. In fact, certified used cars offer low rates and have a bonus of extra warranty coverage and the extensive vehicle inspections. This explains why new car advantage has started to fade thanks to excellent used vehicle financing options available.

Vehicle history reports

tg2wedfv6hedf7uj2i8ik22Probably one of the reasons you are hesitating to purchase a used car is that you are not aware where the vehicle has been. This is quite understandable. Fortunately, there are transparent tools that give you a great idea about the car you are dealing with. Although vehicle history reports do not give out everything about the vehicle, you are likely to get some useful information on essential things such as such:

  • Number of past owners
  • Damage or accident history
  • Past registration status
  • Maintenance records and mileage validation